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Title Due Diligence Services:
We offer real estate services, providing necessary clarification to the clients with respect to their business needs and requirements. We render title clearance, rendering legal report and legal property opinion in a detailed manner with respect to the title of the property and its legality issues. The firm is well eligible to represent individuals and business entities in a wide range of matters involving joint ventures, partnerships, SPV's and all other strategic. In addition, we are capable of handling acquisition and disposition of portfolio real estate. Whether the issues are simple or complex, we advise our clients on the most beneficial way to structure their transactions. The scope of service includes the following:
a) Investigation of title and ownership of property
b) Drafting Joint Venture Agreements and Memorandums as the case may be
c) Drafting all forms of conveyancing and property transaction documentation viz. Agreements for Sale, Memorandum of Understandings, Sale Deeds, Lease Deeds, Mortgage Deeds, Development Agreements etc.,
d) Adjudication of General Power of Attorneys executed by person residing in Foreign Countries.
e) Liaising with concerned officials and government departments for registration and subsequent follow up with the said registered documents.
f) Deputing our personnel to personally visit the designated government offices to check out about the legal issues connected therewith like Urban Land Ceiling Department, Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority, Tahsildar Offices, Village Administrative Offices, Registrar Offices and such other offices to check if the said property is in order.
g) Obtaining Encumbrance certificates, certified documents and other related documents from various Government offices to complete the file and to make personal visits to the sites, to check if the same is free from all encumbrance and encroachments, if the same is required by the clients.
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